“Constant natural happiness is a great gift. Unfortunately it’s not common for everyone. However, I’m convinced that daily satisfaction can be achieved by most people with some mental effort.”

As preparation for my Master studies in Computer Science and Engineering at POSTECH (Korea), I started to research about psychology topics. My aim was to get a better understanding of how our mind functions so that I can be more productive and succesful with my studies. At the same time I always want to take care of having a healthy lifestyle. For me a healthy mind is the foundation for a happy life. Further factors that I consider as very important are good nutrition and sufficient exercise.

My main goal with this blog is to share tactics and strategies how the mind can be tricked to increase productivity while being relaxed and happy at all times. I hope my work will help and inspire other people.

To find out more about me read this blog post.

By the way the picture is a shot that I took in August 2016 when I visited Jeju Island. It shows the view from Korea’s highest mountain Hallasan.